“Kay, thank you so much for everything you have done for me and helped me work through these past three (wow) years. I feel so blessed and so very thankful that I found you. The tools you have given me to cope with difficult and seemingly insurmountable issues is priceless. You taught me to ‘take care of me’ which is something I have overlooked my entire life. Now I make time for me . . . guilt free time . . . and realize that my family is better off because of it. You taught me how to talk to others and how to listen as well. Who knew that is a skill that needed to be taught and one that takes years of practice? I am definitely a better person because of these things. Above and beyond all of that, you taught me to like and accept myself . . . that it is okay not to be perfect. I started out as low as I hope I ever have to go and am now fully in charge of my life. I am honored to have you on this journey with me.”   — D. E.

      “I’ve been thinking about you lately and felt such gratitude for how you helped me get started professionally and just generally being such a good friend. So, please know that you are in my thoughts with great affection.”   — P. R.

      “19+ years sober now. So, thanks again, for everything you did for me.”   — J. S.

      “Thank you so much for your help and encouragement. It means a lot to have your input on the clients I work with. I’m not sure I would be doing this work were it not for you, and I’m loving what I’m doing.”   — W. H.

      “Thanks for being a part of our life. You mean so much to us. Your work with us in relationship coaching has moved us into a more loving mature connection.”   — R. & H. A.

      “Thank you for the help, advice and guidance you’ve given us throughout the past year. We are so appreciative for your balanced, loving perspective.”   — J. & B. L.

Photo of Kay Prothro
Kay Prothro, l.c.s.w.

  “ The more you connect to the Power within you, the more you can be free in all areas of your life. ”

Louise L. Hay


  “ The highest accomplishment of human consciousness is the imagination, and the highest accomplishment of the imagination is empathy and the ability to love. ”

Dean Young, poet

   Therapy is where you begin to resolve behavioral patterns and become more conscious about yourself and your relationships.

Life Coaching
   Do you want to learn how to live creatively? Discover both the essence and the rewards of coaching.

   Introduce yourself to some whole body wellness programs and resources, including books, websites, and blogs.

About Kay
   Meet Kay and discover how she works with patients and clients as well as how her training has influenced her practice.

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“ It is not the living that matters, but living rightly. ”

– Socrates

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