Meet Kay

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Kay Prothro has been working with patients and clients on human potential and human development issues for over 45 years.

As a Menninger–trained psychotherapist in private practice in New York City, Kay specializes in working with Adults, Adult Development, and Couples Therapy. She has spearheaded many innovative health programs nationally for groups, families, couples, and individuals.

As a personal life coach, Kay works with her clients by focusing on finding strategies relating to mind–body–spirit wellness and healthy conscious living. Her primary areas of focus include interpersonal and family relationships, life–challenging illnesses, grief counseling, aging, life transitions, and stress management.

After completing The Menninger Post Graduate Fellowship Program, Kay furthered her education at the Institute for Life Coach Training and the Blanton–Peale Graduate Institute. She originally trained as a psycho–dynamic psychotherapist and has since become known for consolidating transpersonal, intergral, and cognitive behavorial perspectives into her work.

For more information about either therapy or life coaching, email Kay by clicking the “Contact” button on the menu bar above or call her at
212-924-0805 to schedule a consultation. Psychotherapy sessions and life coaching services may be conducted in person, by telephone, or online via Skype.

Meet Kay

Bio        Licenses        Education        Associations        Books

Kay is licensed as a clinical social worker practicing in the states of New York, Florida and Texas. She also holds the following certifications:

  • •   Licensed Clinical Social Worker [L.C.S.W.]
  • •   Academy of Certified Social Workers [A.C.S.W.]
  • •   Board Certified Expert in Theraputic Stress [B.C.E.T.S.]







Meet Kay

Bio        Licenses        Education        Associations        Books

Kay has studied extensively and graduated from the following institutions:

  • •   Blanton–Peale Graduate Institute, Clinical Social Work [C.S.W.], with a focus in
            Spirit & Psychology
  • •   Institute for Life Coach Training
  • •   The Menninger Post Graduate Fellowship Program, Post Masters in Psychiatric
            Social Work
  • •   University of Denver, Master of Social Work [M.S.W.]
  • •   Washburn University, Bachelor of Arts [B.A.] in Social Work & Sociology





Meet Kay

Bio        Licenses        Education        Associations        Books

Kay is proud to be a member of the following professional associations and organizations:

  • •   National Association of Social Work [A. C. S. W.]
  • •   American Psychotherapy Association [Diplomat]
  • •   New York State Society for Clinical Social Work [Fellow]
  • •   American Academy of Experts in Theraputic Stress [Diplomat]

Kay is also registered with . . .

  • •   Online Therapy Institute
  • •   Health on the Net Foundation
  • •   LivePerson

. . . in addition to participating in several LinkedIn discussion groups, including Global Wellness; Health & Wellness Product Information; Real Women on Health!; and Wellness as a Business Strategy.

Meet Kay

Bio        Licenses        Education        Associations        Books

Kay is happy to announce the recent publication of a new, informative book for parents that she has co–authored with Christine Harris, MSW, LCSW.

Your Child’s Well–Being — Juvenile Fibromyalgia is a practical and uplifting resource guide for all parents and family members of children and teenagers who may be living with Fibromyalgia. Full of up–to–date information and guidance, this book will help parents successfully navigate the Fibromyalgia terrain. Available at and Balboa Press.

Image of Your Child's Well-Being Juvenile Fibromyalgia front cover

“Having a child diagnosed with Juvenile Fibromyalgia sometimes can be a long and confusing journey, and this book is a truly empathic guide that should give parents and caregivers a sense of empowerment and hope. Most importantly, the authors have put together an easy–to–read book which offers practical support and resources for parents to get the best care for their child and assist their child to achieve a well–balanced life despite their symptoms. I would recommend it as a must–read for parents of teens with JFM.”

Susmita Kashikar–Zuck, Ph.D.
Professor of Pediatrics and Licensed Psychologist
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

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“The eyes of the dolphin reflect the soul of the creative child within.”

   Therapy is where you begin to resolve behavioral patterns and become more conscious about yourself and your relationships.
Life Coaching
   Do you want to learn how to live creatively? Discover both the essence and the rewards of coaching.

   Introduce yourself to some whole body wellness programs and resources, including books, websites, and blogs.

“ [Both psychotherapy and coaching involve] an advanced and specialized set of communication and relating skills used to move you forward in your life by identifying and achieving the goals that were previously out of reach. We will work together to find specific, new, and creative actions which will move you toward more fulfillment and balance in your life. ”
– Kay Prothro, M.S.W., A.C.S.W.