Just imagine  .  .  .

If you are finding it hard to visualize one or more of those scenarios, then contact Kay Prothro, L.C.S.W., a Manhattan based Psychotherapist and Life Coach, who can guide, support, and encourage you in achieving the happy, peaceful, and productive life that you deserve.

To learn more about how Kay can help you, explore these sections below:

Photo of Kay Prothro
Kay Prothro, l.c.s.w.

  “ Your imagination creates the inner picture that allows you to participate in the act of creation. It is the invisible connecting link to manifesting your own identity. ”

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
The Power of Intention

   Therapy is where you begin to resolve behavioral patterns and become more conscious about yourself and your relationships.

Life Coaching
   Do you want to learn how to live creatively? Discover both the essence and the rewards of coaching.

   Introduce yourself to some whole body wellness programs and resources, including books, websites, and blogs.

About Kay
   Meet Kay and discover how she works with patients and clients as well as how her training has influenced her practice.

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“ It is the dolphin’s birthright to swim in a straight line in the ocean as far as its heart desires. ”

– Ric O’Bany

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Your Child’s Well–Being — Juvenile Fibromyalgia by Christine Harris and Kay Prothro is a practical and uplifting resource guide for all parents and family members of children and teenagers who may be living with Fibromyalgia. Visit the ABOUT page and click "Books" for more information.